By Michael Simmons, Madison County Journal
Wednesday, March 28, 2018 6:00 PM

Madison County Supervisors Board President Sheila Jones gives remarks on the new housing project

CANTON, MS — A groundbreaking ceremony was held last week for a new, $12 million housing project that will provide homes for 60 families.

The Woodcreek Homes project is located at the intersection of Welch Street and Frey Lane and involves 36 new homes, and 24 rehabilitated homes.

Mayor Dr. William Truly said it’s a great project for the city and is designed to allow renters to eventually own their own home.

“It’s designed in such a way that after a period of years they can purchase a home,” he said. “Rent can go towards the lease-purchase plan.”

He added they were trying to “put folks in comfortable homes,” and that there were “a lot of areas that need rehabilitation” in the city.

According to BGC Advantage, the consultant on the project, the total cost is $12,285,161. The project includes low income housing tax credits at nine percent by the Mississippi Home Corporation.

The project is expected to be finished in May 2019. It will include a volleyball court, playground, clubhouse and exterior security features.