Driven to change lives and impact communities

For us, it’s about so much more than collecting a fee or satisfying the terms of a contract; it’s about the people who will live, love, and prosper in our homes. There is not a single county in the United States where a minimum wage earner can afford a two-bedroom home, we are on a mission to meet that demand. (Source: The National Low Income Housing Coalition’s Out of Reach 2020)


Knight Development turns properties into communities.

Passionate about redefining the standards of affordable housing

Imagine a brand-new apartment community with lush green space, a courtyard with a playground and splash pad, and the conversion of the adjacent vacant lot into a thriving community vegetable garden. There is a fitness center by the leasing office and a business center for resident meetings with computers for classes. The units have SMART features and energy-efficient appliances, the modern conveniences that everyone hopes for when choosing a home. That’s what affordable housing looks like with Knight Development — the kind we build and enrich with education opportunities for homeownership and resident services.

    Committed to sustainability

    For our partners

    Not all of our partners have development experience, and for some of our Public Housing Authority Partners, there may be a skills gap transitioning from a government body to a private business entity. We offer custom consulting and training for every phase of the process to build skills, programs, and processes.

    For our buildings

    We want our properties to look and feel like home, a place where memories can be made. It is equally critical that we make them truly affordable, where residents and the environment can benefit when green standards have been met in construction.

    For our residents

    We open our communities to city leaders, churches and neighborhood organizations, local businesses, and law enforcement entities. We create opportunities for interaction to build mutual trust, supportive services, and lasting goodwill.

    Motivated by our residents

    We build our projects around the people they serve, and we offer comprehensive tenant relations and resident services to support them:

    • Section 3 outreach
    • Resident RAD Training
    • Design Input meetings
    • Special activities (i.e. landscaping day)
    • Job assistance and minority contractor outreach
    • Amenitycentered design
    • Temporary relocation planning and assistance
    • Transfer and relocation meetings



    We do what we say we will do. In development, consulting, construction management, and any area of a project we touch… we strive for excellence. You have our word.


    We see potential and turn obstacles into opportunities. We navigate each project to deliver maximum possible value to our clients, partners, and residents. We make the experience mutually beneficial for all involved. It’s a better way of doing business.


    We invest in people. Developing happy, healthy, sustainable communities that enrich the lives of local businesses and residents is our passion and purpose. People are at the center of everything we do.


    We are inspired to do good. Doing more, giving more – we are driven to provide something more than shelter.  We build the foundation for a flourishing community where people can live, work, play, and thrive.


    • Capacity assessment

    • Visioning, ideation, and concept presentation

    • Due diligence, proposal evaluation, and project planning

    • Investor and lender due diligence and information exchange assistance

    • Cost and feasibility analysis and financial modeling

    • Potential partner search

    • Developer and third-party (professionals, lenders, and investors) selection and negotiation

    • HUD policies and procedure guidance

    • Best and Highest Use guidance

    • Loan and equity closing coordination

    • PHA Board Advisory services and consultation

    • Affordable Housing policies and procedures assistance for PHAs and Non-Profits