Our Healthy Home Commitment

In addition to creating or updating the physical envelope of affordable housing, Knight Development is committed to furthering the health and safety of its residents by partnering to connect residents with the complementary, supportive services required to improve mental, physical, and financial well-being. Whether they are aging in place with us or making a temporary stop on their path to self-sufficiency, our goal is to help residents maintain a healthy home.

Custom Programs

We tailor our health service and educational opportunities to the needs of each site and community we serve. A few of the solutions we are exploring include:

  • Onsite clinics eliminate one of the most significant barriers to healthcare access
  • Rural clinic partners with transportation services


Knight Development partners with organizations like Matter Health, whose model is all-encompassing, meaning providers will participate in medication management, mental health referrals, nutrition counseling, and specialty referrals. This holistic approach is designed to increase the quality and frequency of preventative healthcare utilization and minimize costly catastrophic care. Consistent care will decrease mental health episodes. Educational interventions also promise to reduce the risk of nutritionally related significant health crises such as stroke and heart attacks. Interested in partnering to provide health services to our residents – get in touch!

Healthy Residents Support a Healthy Community

Managing conditions, closing gaps, and improving health literacy are all proven ways to improve outcomes and curb costs. Similar to worksite wellness programs, providing wellness as a multifamily amenity can contribute to better results for the residents, owners, investors, and the community at large. With healthy, engaged, and thriving residents, you can attempt to:

  • Make healthcare more accessible and equitable
  • Maximize preventative care and minimize catastrophic care, including emergency responses and interventions by police, fire, and EMS
  • Reduce resident cost burden for healthcare and prevent stress related to housing instability
  • Improve resident retention as seniors age in place
  • Prevent eviction and theft related to non-payment and absence during long-term hospitalizations
  • Foster a community culture of self-care that leads to better care for homes and neighbors
  • Promote housekeeping and reduce property damage from neglect, hoarding, or infestation
  • Support a more productive workforce by reducing presentism and absenteeism
  • Minimize property damage and insurance claims related to untreated or gaps in treatment for mental health sufferers

Thoughtful. Sustainable. Resilient.

Creating safe communities where residents can thrive starts in pre-development planning and continues through occupancy.

  • Architects incorporate features that promote health and choose materials and design elements to mitigate noise
  • Contractors ensure buildings are free of mold, pests, and known contaminants
  • Interior designers cultivate indoor and outdoor common areas where residents can gather and relax
  • Property Managers curate and promote educational opportunities
  • Resident counsels coordinate community initiatives and drive resident engagement from within

“I am so glad they came here, I wish I could get some of my family members into this clinic. It’s good all around.” – Jacqueline Morris, “Ms. Jackie,” Age 60

Featured Clinic

The Memphis Housing Authority (MHA) and Knight Development welcomed Matter Health, project stakeholders, and residents to a Clinic Grand Opening at the newly renovated senior building of College Park in Memphis, Tennessee on July 20, 2023. College Park is part of the MH Strategies Family RAD & RAD II affordable housing renovation efforts. The $70M combined community investment is a Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program that will rehabilitate 472 units to address the need for more modern, efficient, and affordable rental opportunities in the Uptown and College Park neighborhoods.

“Clinics, such as the one at College Park, are part of a growing trend to improve health and achieve health equity by connecting health and housing in affordable housing communities,” said Dexter Washington, Chief Executive Officer of Memphis Housing Authority. “For Memphis Housing Authority and Knight Development, our shared goal is to help our residents maintain a healthy home during their stay with us.”

At College Park, Matter Health will deliver a boutique primary care experience for residents who qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid, allowing them access to a personalized, holistic, and high-touch approach to the patient/provider relationship. With an inviting patient lounge and exam room, the new clinic provides convenient and comfortable access to physical and mental health support where residents need it most, at home. Services include wellness exams, chronic care management, lab services, preventative screenings, prescription management, specialty care referrals, and more.