Please select the type of font that you prefer. These are not the exact font choices, but the overall style of font that you would like to see used in your logo.

Please select the type of icon that you prefer. Let us know if you like more abstract shapes, objects or a monogram style mark (or logo).

Please select the image below that you like the best. The options are popular brand logos that we believe fall into the categories of Modern, Fun and Classic. Which do you prefer?

Which color that you see here do you like the most?

Your New Logo

This logo guide document is created to give you some initial say-so in the direction of your logo. Due to costs, edits/revisions/options are limited. BGC Advantage has prenegotiated a flat cost with our marketing company and we pass that very large savings over to you.

Should you want a custom logo, the price of that can range from $500 to $1200 depending on the complexity, number of options and timeframe that you are requesting. This process is designed to minimize project cost and maximize your opportunity to have a creative, attractive logo.

Several simple changes/edits are included. If additional simple edits are requested, those could carry a nominal charge. Excessive edits would be an additional $75 per edit. BGC will notify you before completing any work that would need an accompanying payment.