Partner Testimonials

Knight Development cultivates partnerships with companies, agencies, and individuals who not only have the right expertise but also a shared passion for sustainability.  From assembling the right agencies for support and hand-picking craftsmen to helping residents feel a sense of pride and ownership, every person involved in a Knight Development project is selected for their unique and integral ability to contribute and foster goodwill.

“In the Knight Development team, Mrs. Knight has assembled a wide range of expertise to ensure a successful development. Together, they specialize in the redevelopment of former public housing into low-income house tax credit (“LIHTC”) developments utilizing HUD’s Rental Assistance Demonstration (“RAD”) program. These types of projects are some of the hardest hit, most challenging, and complex affordable housing development projects to undertake, requiring an intimate knowledge of the various programs provided by HUD and a solid understanding of how to fit them together to maximize outcomes for their public housing authority partners and their residents. Mrs. Knight understands the major challenges that these developments present, and she tackles those challenges with an open mind, boundless energy, and the enthusiasm of someone who is driven by a higher purpose to help those most in need. We are proud of the partnership we have with Mrs. Knight and her team at Knight Development, which spans across numerous states and thousands of units, and we look forward to future opportunities to collaborate with her on tackling the housing challenges that are more pressing now than ever before.”

Darren Swanson

Managing Director | Acquisitions (Southeast), Red Stone Equity Partners

As a Ross and Yerger Shareholder, I work with Holly Knight to provide insurance options for Knight Development housing projects.  With my niche background in tax credit management, development, and syndication, I understand the role that insurance plays in these complex transactions, which helps me provide solutions that are uniquely suited for the challenges.   As a Knight Development partner, I assist with big picture project visioning, but it is Knight’s unique insight into the available programs and their capabilities, which positions her to finesse the fine details and fully realize the potential of the finished product.

Anthony Brunini

Shareholder, Ross and Yerger

Knight Development is a great choice for your development interests.  They are a team of highly qualified individuals with a results-driven mission.  They work tirelessly to successfully help their clients navigate unique and sometimes difficult development issues in order to meet their specific housing goals.  MRHA VI appreciates our partnership with Knight Development.  They are knowledgeable in public housing authority regulatory practices which are extremely critical for our agency.  We have a bonafide partnership and are seated at the table with Knight Development.  They listen to our needs and work tirelessly to help us accomplish our goals.  They keep us informed and involved in the overall development process.  We achieved our first LIHTC funding through our partnership with Knight Development in 2016 and have since received subsequent LIHTC funding for additional housing developments which will allow us to increase our housing stock by more than 57% over the next couple of years.  We are committed to our agency mission to provide and develop quality affordable housing opportunities for individuals and families while promoting self-sufficiency and neighborhood revitalization. THANK YOU for your partnership, Knight Development!

Katina C. Pace

Deputy Executive Director, Mississippi Regional Housing Authority VI

“Our agency could have not reached our current level of achievement without Knight Development providing us with the tools and resources to continue our vision of providing affordable housing in our community.  Holly and Knight Development motivated our agency to push through every challenge with unwavering determination. We are extremely proud of what we did as a team, comprised of Government, Private and Public partnerships, and look forward to a long-term relationship.”

Barbara Kaveski

Executive Director, Leesville Housing Authority

If you dig deep and put your foundation on solid rock, your building will stand firm.  When Knight Development is involved in a project, this solid foundation extends beyond architectural integrity and into the roots of a thriving community.

Barry Collins

B.A.S. Construction

The RAD journey we are on has been a rewarding and life-changing experience for me. It has challenged all of us to return to our core values of doing things right and staying focused on why we are doing this work. For me, it has always been about trying to make life better for someone else. RAD has provided that opportunity. It has also given me the opportunity to work with some of the greatest folks at AHA and Knight Development. We are a “can do” team. We will always figure it out.

Joseph P. Page

Executive Director, Alexandria Housing Authority

Often Public Housing Authorities lack the resources and manpower to consider RAD as a viable opportunity.  Knight Development and Holly Knight’s team have proven to be the answer working on behalf of the PHAs to assist them in leveraging all available resources to develop and rehabilitate our aging housing stock.   Her team offers invaluable resources to this effort and we are delighted to be associated with her.

John Rucker