Light House Concept – Formerly Senior Building

Halter Heights I Concept – Formerly Family Building

Halter Heights II Concept – Formerly Lotus Building

Electric City Concept – Formerly scattered sites including: James Harvey Lane, Isabella Row Houses, Ben McLemore III Place Building, Myrtle Building, Valle Row Houses, Wellsmar, and Evanston.

Wellston Community Empowerment Corp.

Housing Authority of St. Louis County


Location: Wellston, MO
Number of Units: 186
Total Development Cost: $44,505,228
Development Type: Family and Senior
Development Partners: 
Wellston Community Empowerment Corp.
Housing Authority of St. Louis County
Project Type: 4% LIHTC


1st Mortgage: $13,758,000
Local Funding Source: $4,972,000
Seller Note: $4,660,010
Deferred Development Fee: $1,220,196
Equity: $17,789,480

Total Sources: $44,505,228*

*Final numbers as of closing.


Wellston Community Empowerment Corp. has partnered with Knight Development to demolish (15) units and substantially rehabilitate 186 units on sixty-five (65) parcels as part of the Wellington Family Homes Development Project.

Some of the modernization will include completely renovated apartments with compliant accessibility features as well as an updated leasing office and community services center. New amenities will be designed to address long standing security and safety concerns. The development project will primarily serve low to moderate income families and the properties will target individuals with children and formerly homeless individuals and families.

This project is a community reinvestment that is projected to have a significant and lasting economic impact for the City of Wellston. It represents an anchor for stabilizing the population and plans for growth. The City of Wellston is working on multiple economic development activities which are dependent upon the success of this housing development and future projects.

Amenities & Upgrades may include: 

  • New paint, flooring, and cabinets

  • Landscaping and fencing

  • Bathroom renovations and plumbing

  • Upgraded lighting and security

  • Kitchen rehabilitation

  • Additional ADA units

  • Energy Star Appliances

  • New roofs and windows

  • SMART Home Features

  • Sidewalk repair


Developer:  Knight Development
Non-Profit Partner:
Wellston Community Empowerment Corp., HASLC
Architect:  DNA Workshop
General Contractor: Synder Construction Group
Management Company: Allied Orion Group

Financial Partners:
Missouri Housing Development Commission
Missouri Department of Economic Development
St. Louis Economic Development Partnership
Fallbrook Financial Services
Sterling Bank
St. Louis County Missouri


Lighthouse - 48 Units

Studio | Units: 20
Contract Rent: $689

1 BR | Units: 28
Contract Rent: $749

Halter Heights I - 16 Units

1 BR | Units: 8
Contract Rent: $749

2 BR | Units: 8
Contract Rent: $920

Halter Heights II - 12 Units

1 BR | Units: 4
Contract Rent: $749

2 BR | Units: 8
Contract Rent: $920

Electric City - 119 Units

2 BR | Units: 10
Contract Rent: $920

3 BR | Units: 47
Contract Rent: $1121

4 BR | Units: 25
Contract Rent: $1318

5 BR | Units: 28
Contract Rent: $1504

*Projected Rental Rates