What does conversion look like?

Are you considering conversion for all or part of your portfolio? Do you have technical questions about your program mix or want to understand more about the process? We specialize in helping Housing Authorities turn questions into communities. Below is an example of a complete portfolio conversion with the Alexandria Housing Authority which consists of nine (9) sites and 669 units of high-quality affordable housing. This big project started with one small question, “Where do we begin?”

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Woodland Pointe

Magnolia Crossing

Royal Ridge

Royal Cambridge


Garden Gate

Tranquil Estates

Harmony Village

Bayou Garden

“Our portfolio conversion was a large-scale project that took almost a decade to complete. Knight Development always took time to offer support and even training whenever needed. Not every decision is clear-cut, but Knight Development was there, steadfast, at every point along the way to help us make the transition from public to private. I highly recommend Knight Development if you are considering conversion for all or part of your portfolio.”

Stephan Fontenot, Executive Director, Alexandria Housing Authority

The Alexandria Housing Authority (AHA) and Knight Development successfully converted the entire AHA portfolio for a total development investment of nearly 100 million dollars across nine (9) sites, delivering 669 units of high-quality affordable housing.

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