TCHULA, Miss. (WJTV) — “People who have a minimum wage actually cannot afford a two-bedroom house,” explained Holly Knight, CEO of Knight Development. That’s across the country, and Holmes County, Mississippi is not exempt.

The Jessie D. Banks neighborhood of Tchula, however, is in the process of becoming much more affordable for those who need it. Starting in November, Knight Development will come in to build a new set of duplexes for lower income families. Tchula Mayor General Vann said this will help his community.

“The need is there so this will alleviate that need,” Vann said. “Housing here is a big problem.”

Knight said that this project is about much more than the sticks and the bricks.

“It’s about the people and the heartbeats that are gonna live there,” Knight said. “It’s about the whole entire economic opportunity that these projects will actually afford the community.”

Dr. Hickman Johnson said that this new development only helps his mission.

“Mississippi Regional Housing Authority has a long standing commitment to increase the availability of standard housing for the Tchula Community and for Holmes County in general,” Dr. Hickman said.

The development is expected to be a 12 month project, meaning it is projected to be ready by November 2021.

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